Building Solutions for Ignored Problems

We specialize on identifying and building solutions for problems VC's think are too small and typical founders think are too boring.

How It Works ?

All of our solutions follow the same guiding principles

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Clean Design

All of our solutions need to be intuitive for the end user.

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Responsive Design

Because it is 2020 and our solution needs to work on any device you use.

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Because our solutions are smaller in size we build meaningful friendships with our customers

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Modern & fast

Our solutions will not slow you down ever.

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Advanced Security

Anything we build has an eye on

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Easy Installation

Managing change when adopting a new system is always top of mind when we build our solutions.

Portfolio Example -

Helping landlords and asset owners in the City of Toronto manage their bylaw compliance. Reducing fines and noticing them sooner

No More Frustrating Calls

Sitting on hold when you have better things to do is frustrating! With the Alerts app, you can end those calls and know you still have the updates you need.

No More Unnecessary Delays

You have teams & equipment ready to work, so let’s get them working sooner. We’ll notify you when a Permit is updated, letting you deploy your resources sooner!

Be in control

With Alerts, you’ll always have the latest update to your Building Permit as soon as it’s made. No more need to outsource and trust that your information is a priority.

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Find Out Sooner

When the city sends a notice of compliance for a by-law investigation, the clock starts ticking. You lose valuable time to fix issues when the notifications come through the mail. Let us fast-forward your notifications!

Avoid Costly Fines

Fines shouldn’t be a “cost of doing business” when they can be avoided. All you need is more time to address issues properly. Give yourself more time with Alerts!

Get More Information

Information is power, and our app gets as much information about your investigations as possible. We’ll tell you why the investigation started so you can avoid repeats going forward!

Our Team

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Andrew Rains

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Jon Gillham

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Tyler Pratt

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